Visa information

Please check with Vietnamese Diplomatic Mission in your country if an entry visa is required for your passport. In case a visa is required, you can select one of the following ways to apply for the visa:

1. Visa through the Embassy or Consulate of Vietnam in your country
To apply for a visa, you must fill in a form (1 copy) that you can download from the website of the embassy of your country, 2 recent passport-sized photos (with white background) and your passport. Then, you just have to go to the embassy with all the papers and the money for the visa fee. Fees vary from one country to another.
2. Visa on arrival  (VOA)
Getting a visa in your home country can be time consuming and expensive. We can help you to arrange “visa approval” which is required to obtain the visa upon arrival.
The procedure is as follows:
Step 1: Passport details (full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, date of issue, etc.) must be sent to us no later than 14 working days before your departure to Vietnam.
Step 2: This information is sent to the Immigration Department for the visa approval letter. The time limit to obtain this letter is 4 working days for a normal tourist visa or 24 hours for an urgent procedure with an added surcharge applied.
Step 3: We send you by email the approval letter and the visa application form (NA1). You will fill in each a (1) form NA1 and attach a recent passport-sized photo on the form. Photocopy of a photo is not accepted. You also need to prepare some bank notes in US Dollars to pay visa stamp fee.
Attention: It is very important to use the same passport number that you provide us and on the form of the visa request.
Step 4: When you check-in at the departure airport, you will have to show a copy of the visa approval letter. Without this letter, the airline will refuse you boarding. On arrival in Vietnam, before going through passport control,  you proceed to the Visa on Arrival  (VOA) counter where you show the mentioned documents (visa approval letter, completed visa application form with attached photo, passport, and cash) to get visa stamped.
For more details of costs and booking, please contact:
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