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Con Se Tre Tourist Village

Located in the south of Hon Tre Island, Nha Trang Bay, from a rocky island, Con Se Tre Tourist Village is built into a romantic tourist area in Nha Trang. It gradually becomes one of the most appealing attractions in Nha Trang alluring numerous tourists.

About 3km from Nha Trang coast, Con Se Tre Tourist Village stretches in the south of Hon Tre Island in Nha Trang Bay. Also located on Hon Tre Island, Con Se Tre retains the completely different style compared to Vinpearl Land. While Vinpearl Land is designed in modern style with concrete roads, high buildings, swimming pools, high voltage lamps… along with the premium services of five-star resorts, Con Se Tre is designed in an antique style which is rustic and close to nature. Here, tourists can find the sceneries of old villages in a peaceful atmosphere full of poetry. It deserves to be one of the bright spots and the most appealing tourist attractions in Nha Trang.

Setting foot on the island, tourists will encounter the funny faces painted on rocks as welcoming all tourists to the beautiful tourist village. Unique feature here is that the entire system of houses, restaurants, gardens, bridges, tables, chairs, beds or even electricity poles… are made of bamboo. To ensure a homogeneous nature, the contact point of the pillars and bamboo rafters here are not used by nails or bolted, screw but with bamboo latches. The name of Con Se Tre officially comes from these latched. Tourists can find a sense of peace when immersing in the landscapes of an ancient village or a relaxing feeling when soaking up poetic scenery along the coast with strongly folk imbued activities. Visiting Con Se Tre Tourists Village is one of the most things to do in Nha Trang.

The first impression of visiting Con Se Tre Tourist Village is that all of the items here are clean, simple and extremely eye-catching. A pair of ancient large cart wheel looked for and bought from Tay Ninh and Chau Doc suggests a sense of the simplicity and the closeness of ancient old village here. Beautiful and safe beaches with its clear blue water which can see towards the bottom make any tourists wish to soak up the waters. Fine sand surrounding is promisingly convenient for walking on the beach. These excellent conditions have confirmed the Con Se Tre’s position among the famous tourist villages in Nha Trang.

Con Se Tre leans against the hill with lush green forest along with colorful flora. In particular, pretty self-contained and poetic motels in the forest are more and more attractive for tourists. Tourists will actually feel the bounty of the pure sea breeze, passionate seawater, and mellow waves. They all make their mind relaxed and refresh. Comfortably breath fresh and pure air here and forget anxiety and stress of the daily life, Con Se Tre is actually suitable for relaxing, swimming, snorkeling, fishing and climbing… the journey of discovering Nha Trang travel.

In particular, the most prominent feature of Con Se Tre Tourist Village is opencast folk oven in Roman style. The oven retains the circle-shape relatively large which is built in 2 storeys. 6 tailstocks of brick about 4 meters high of the oven was lit as 6 sacred torches. 5 represent 5 continents; meanwhile the other symbolizes the locals and island. The fresh seafood is loaded onto the brick oven such as baked lobster grilled skewered, grilled squid with chili, baked clams with onion… The smell of delicious smoke mixed with the sound of the grilled seafood seems awake all taste buds of tourists. In the cozy and tranquil scenery, tourists will actually much enjoy when hearing the sounds of the guitar, listening to the romantic vocals, improvised verses in the flickering light along with the applause livening whole island. This is truly forgettable impression in any Nha Trang tours.

At night, Nha Trang city is lit thanks to thousands of shimmering and fanciful electric light like fairyland. After a day full of fun on the island, tourists can sleep soundly in the closed motels fully equipped or right in tents among immense heaven and earth. Con Se Tre Tourist Village is suitable for all clients and tourists. In the morning, tourists will be awakened to welcome the dawn with the sounds of the boisterous birds and drums. From a rocky island, Con Se Tre has been gradually invested to become an ideal tourists spot for both domestic and international tourists. It contributes to promote Nha Trang tourism worldwide.