29 T02

Vinpearl Water Park

There’s no doubt in our minds that Nha Trang is one of the most relaxing and chilled out destinations in Vietnam. People love to spend their days gently soaking up the sun on the beaches or strolling round fantastic temples.

However, there are times when everyone wants a bit of fun and excitement in the sun and Vinpearl’s the perfect place for that. The theme park covers nearly 200,000 square meters and it’s built for thrills and spills for all the family. One of the key attractions is the world’s longest sea crossing by cable car. Imagine the excitement of travelling nearly 3 kilometers suspended by a rope over the sea. It offers spectacular views of the mountainous region and the wonderful calm waters of the sea. There are rides and slides galore. With families enjoying everything from sedate electronic horse riding to tea parties.

There are plenty of electronic games and then there are the main attractions. There are rollercoasters which can leave you gripping the edge of your seat with excitement and don’t worry they’re designed for the whole family so you won’t end up with nightmares about the experience. The water park is quite fabulous. There are a whole host of great slides to enjoy from long drops to winding spirals – as long as you can swim you’ll have a great time here.

We’ve found that one of the highlights of the trip is the Under Water World a giant aquarium where you can enjoy getting up close and personal with Vietnam’s aquatic life. From scary scorpion fish to beautiful displays of multi-colored schools there’s something for everyone. One of the best moments is the underwater walk where you can enjoy being surrounded by sharks and see them swim right up to the corridor you’re in. That’s not all either.

There’s a giant shopping mall where you can stock up on souvenirs for your loved ones and it’s based on the design of Hoi An City (just a few miles further North). There’s a wonderful amphitheater where you can enjoy Vietnamese music and spectacular laser light shows. When you’ve seen all there is to see why not kick back and relax at the Food Village where you can enjoy some of the region’s best cuisine? You’ll really love spending time in Vinpearl it’s a firm family favorite.