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Hong Chong Promontory

Nearly separating from the hustling and bustling atmosphere of the urban life, Hon Chong Promontory is seen as the convergence of mountains and sea. This is also one of the most beautiful city’s showpieces of Nha Trang city attracting numerous tourists.

Hon Chong complex has included large rocks stacking each other for centuries. This is a large square rock block lying on a flat and huge rock. The side overlooking the sea houses vast hand-shaped indentations. The promontory has long become a tourist spot attracting tourists to Nha Trang city. Here, tourists can feel Hon Chong Promontory as the intersection of the mountain and sea. Just a few steps, tourists can touch the sea or the foot of the hill. In particular, going to Hon Chong, tourists also have a chance to hear many interesting stories about the promontory among charming natural scenery. Hon Chong Promontory is becoming one of the new enchanting tourist attractions in Nha Trang.

Hon Chong is located in the inner city of Nha Trang. Located in La San Hill, Phuoc Vinh ward, Hon Chong is a floating rock on the sea. According to the interpretation of scientists, it is the remains of the cavitation between the sea water and foothill. Hon Chong owns the romantic scenery. The mountain, sea and shore are side by side. Unlike other beaches along Tran Phu Street in downtown, beach at Hon Chong area is fairly tranquil. Going to Hon Chong, tourists can comfortably sit on the rocky promontory to fish out or move a few meters of the shore to bathe in smooth sands and gentle blue waters. In particular, multi-sized islands offshore surrounding whole area reduce the wind speed and impact of the typhoon. Beach on Nha Trang Bay and Hon Chong Promontory is thus considered one of the beautiful and safe bays, which are must-see tourist spots of Nha Trang travel.

As one of the unique Nha Trang attractions, Hon Chong is home to swim, climb and admire the wonderful beach. There are also numerous interesting folktales around Hon Chong Promontory. Most specially, there is a giant hand deeply embedded in the rock with the palm and five fingers on the large rock located on the top edge of Hon Chong. It seems that there was a giant hand having clung and left the trace right from the formation of these rocks. There is also another legend relating with the existence of an ancient giant having gone fishing here. A huge fish took the bait and pulled away. He had to pull back with a hand holding a fishing rod meanwhile a hand tightly clinging to the rocks, which had left the remains as shown today. These unique legends always leave a special impression to tourists in minds when participating in Nha Trang tour.

Beach in Hon Chong Promontory has been recently explored for tourism development. In the past, tourists who would like to come here had to overcome steep hills and walk around. Tran Phu Street is now extended into La San Hill. Running along the coast towards the northeast from the city center, tourists will set foot on Hon Chong. Path to Hon Chong now is credibly dreamy thanks to a side of waters with golden sands endlessly stretching, and other side of the beautiful architectural works which is always busy passersby. Many tour operators have organized team games tied to rocks, hills and beaches here to create excitement for tourists. Hon Chong Promontory is also rendezvous for nature lovers to admire the beautiful natural landscapes.

Looking back the city, Hon Chong Promontory – La San Hill is one of the most beautiful coastal city’ showpieces with flexible curve of beaches along Tran Phu street and towering coconut ranges reaching out to catch the waves. Standing on Hon Chong, tourists can contemplate Hon Yen from afar, Cau Da Port on the right, Hon Tre Island and Nha Trang coast up to 6 km in sight. Hidding Lasan Hills is Nha Trang estuary and Cu Lao fishing landings. Viewing from Hon Chong is Co Tien Mountain in the other side. From Hon Chong Promontory, tourists will have a chance to clearly contemplate Hon Do (Red) (where houses a pagoda). It is unique features that bring Hon Chong to become the indispensable highlight in Nha Trang tours.

In addition, on the way to Hon Chong, tourists will visit Nha Trang Bay Assembly Hall, which showcases a great number of pictures of Hon Chong and sights in Nha Trang. Setting foot on scenic Hon Chong complex – Nha Trang, tourists have an opportunity to witness marvels of the nature, unleash their own imagination for the soul soaring and emotional sublimation among the immense blue of heaven and earth together with sea breeze. They are actually enjoyable experiences. Hon Chong Promontory thus becomes one of tourist attractions rich in humanity of Nha Trang tourism.